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Every business owner who has been around will tell you that  to grow and run a successful business is much harder than they originally  thought. The reason is simple. There are thousands of new things to learn and  do and each level of growth demands a new way of thinking and acting.

Growing and running a business can feel like a never-ending  marathon, and unfortunately, over 80% of business owners succumb to the stress  and pressure, closing their businesses within several years. For some, the  pressure is so great that it undermines their health, their confidence to  succeed, and even their faith in themselves.

Psychologists used to believe that some people are just  better suited to working hard and being successful.  Although there is some truth to this, we all  have the neural capacity to excel—in business, in love, and in life.

Here’s the big question. Can anyone acquire the skill and  ability to learn, grow, shift, and adapt the stress of work without getting  discouraged, burned out, or losing  hope  and faith in their desire to grow and run a highly profitable business?

The answer is YES!

The latest brain research is now showing us that the average  person has no idea how to optimize their thinking and behaviors in ways that  generate peak performance.  More  importantly, few people know the secrets for minimizing stress and transforming  conflicts into solutions.  These tools  are not fully integrated into our day-to-day lives.  Poor thinking and high stress will undermine  our health, hope, business desires and skills.

When we are constantly bombarded by stress – physical,  emotional, or cognitive – our motor cortex (the part of our brain that turns  our ideas into actions) is compromised. We can’t think clearly, disruptive  emotions intrude and sabotage our relationships with others, and the “genius”  part of our brain slows down. The executive functions of the frontal lobe are  derailed, and our creativity (controlled by a specific neural circuit) is shut  off. Stress increases –  which  neurologically generates doubts, fears, anxiety, procrastination, and  discouragement.

But there’s an easy solution to this downward spiral of  tension.  Brain-scan studies have  verified that a handful of practices can activate the frontal lobes of your  brain in ways that reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability.  These simple strategies will help you make  significant strides in managing your stress levels and working through the  heavy workload needed to effectively grow your business.

The easiest method  for releasing stress – and surprisingly the least used – is doing some simple  breathing exercises.  Just close your  eyes, breathe slowly in through your nose (which slows down brain metabolism),  and then breathe slowly out through your mouth. Do this for ten times, and  you’ll immediately notice profound shifts in alertness, relaxation, and experiential awareness.   Not only are you learning how to consciously change brainwave activity,  but you can actually raise or lower brain metabolism.  Ten deep breaths is like taking a  mini-vacation because it literally refreshes overly stimulated neural circuits  throughout your brain.   Activity in your  amygdala slows down, which stops the release of stress-inducing neurochemicals  and hormones.   With practice, it even  turns on stress-reducing genes.

Meditation is an  excellent and highly proven method to activate your genius while lowering your  stress levels. It will physically alter your brain structure as it increases  your awareness of yourself and your environment. When these strategies are  applied to businesses, work performance increases, sick days decrease, and team  cooperation is enhanced. That’s why these “Innercises™” are now part of the  Executive MBA program at Loyola Marymount University.

Each stage of business growth requires new knowledge,  skills, and changes in behavior that can easily overwhelm most entrepreneurs or  professionals. These feelings are normal but detrimental, yet few people have  been given the tools that have been proven to help them cope better.

By performing a simple daily “Innercise™” program, you will  learn how to retrain your brain for higher and higher levels of thinking and  performance.

One of these methods is known as Mindfulness

Mindfulness  is complete, calm awareness of the state you are in at the present moment. It’s  a state of stillness where you can observe your thoughts and feelings without  judgment.  It takes your brain off of  “automatic pilot” and gives you conscious control over nearly every aspect of  your life. Instead of being driven by emotional impulses, mindfulness helps you  live in a state of intention and purpose. You learn how to recognize  unconscious patterns of sabotage behavior, and you’ll remain focused and serene  when responding to any situation, good or bad. In complete mindfulness, you can  reach a point where something seemingly disappointing can be seen as an  opportunity to excel. And when your buttons get pushed by an unpleasant  situation, you’ll be able to acknowledge it and quickly move on. You won’t find  yourself holding onto a particular response and you won’t let negative feelings  form permanent imprints in the memory circuits of your brain. You’ll even be  able maintain your composure and respond to difficult people with kindness and  compassion. That’s the power of mindfulness, but you have to practice it for a  few minutes every day.

How you will benefit: You’ll develop a heightened sense of  awareness, with a greater capacity to focus with clarity and intention. You’ll  also begin to experience deep gratitude for the present moment as you quickly  and positively adapt to your life experiences.

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